Almhütte Schmölzer


Classic back to nature Alm house 3km from the lifts at St Oswald

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This delightful Alpine house is the real McCoy. Water has to be fetched from the spring 30m away, cooking is done with wood, and the hot water (also for washing)comes from a hand-filled tank above the cooker. There is electricity for lighting only and no water in the toilet. It is a purist’s dream. 2 bedrooms up a steep staircase and a double bunk downstairs. Located in an unspoilt valley 3km behind St Oswald (part of the BKK ski area) with trees on 3 sides, a cow pasture on the other, and a musical mountain brook 50m away. Just 200m to civilisation, a small year-round alpine guest-house, where you can also eat. Idyllic all year!